• On the title page, in the upper left corner, put your legal name and contact information (address, phone number, and email). In the upper right corner put the word count. In the center of the page put the title (in all caps), and beneath that the author (if you have a pen name, use it here). Begin the story text on the SECOND page.

• In the page header on every page (except the title page), put the story title (in caps) and page number in the upper right corner. Do NOT include your name in the header. Do not number the title page.

• One-inch margins on all sides

• Double-spaced

• 12-point font in Times New Roman (preferred) or Courier/Courier New.

• Indent each paragraph five spaces (½ inch)

• Do not leave a blank line between paragraphs

• Indicate a blank line with a centered hash tag / pound sign (#).

• The text should be left-aligned, not justified.

• At the end of the story, center the words “The End”


• Submit your story via email to

• Manuscripts must by typed and attached to the email in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.

• The subject of your email should read [Submission: Story Title by Author Name]

Multiple Submissions are allowed, with a limit of two per author. Send a separate email for each submission.

Simultaneous Submissions are allowed, BUT please let us know immediately if your story is accepted elsewhere.